Downers Grove AFP’s True Cost of Washington tour

From AFP-Illinois Grassroots Engagement Director Rand York

AFP-Illinois activists pose for a photo with Sam Odeh and his team in Downers Grove, IL. Activists lowered the cost of gas for customers, providing them with relief from the high cost of gas in 2022.

Downers Grove, Illinois – July 12, 2022: AFP-Illinois staff with gas station owner Sam Odeh and his team. Together, they provided nearly 160 cars with more than 1,600 gallons of discounted gas to counteract the high cost of gas in 2022.

Rand here with Americans for Prosperity. What a day in Downers Grove!

Even though Downers Grove is in DuPage County, we had many residents from Cook County who let us know their prices are even higher due to Cook County’s gas tax. That made the relief from the high cost of gas this year that much more valuable.

160 cars got relief from the high cost of gas in 2022 with discounted gas courtesy of AFP-Illinois and Power Gas Station.

Downers Grove, Illinois – July 12, 2022: A quick look at some of the cars who received relief from the rising cost of gas this year.

We were joined by State Representative Amy Grant, who is fighting hard in Springfield to lower the cost of living for Illinois residents. Together, we were able to provide discounted gas to over 160 individuals.

One person said the extra savings in gas was so impactful that he is now scheduling a trip to the beach with his kids, which was not possible this month due to having to cut costs everywhere he could.

We were appreciative of the gas station owner’s hospitality, too. Sam Odeh and his team cooked a great meal and fed the entire AFP staff, volunteers, and even many residents who parked their cars to learn more about the True Cost Campaign as we listened to stories about how difficult prices have been to them.

Fox 32 News’ coverage of the event helped drive people (no pun intended) down to the station for their discounted gas!