Take Action: End the Corporate Welfare Curse in Arlington Heights and Protect Taxpayers

  1. Light up the phones! Call the Mayor and Village Board and tell them to support the Anti-Corporate Welfare Ordinance!•
  • Mayor Tomas Hayes – 847.259.6337 – thayes@vah.com
  • Trustee Richard Baldino – 847.504.7220 – rbaldino@vah.com
  • Trustee James Bertucci – 847.710.6772 – jbertucci@vah.com
  • Trustee Mary Beth Canty – 847.656.6062 – mcanty@vah.com
  • Trustee Nicolle Grasse – 847.533.4511 – ngrasse@vah.com
  • Trustee Robin LaBedz – 847.392.6195 – rlabedz@vah.com
  • Trustee John Scaletta – 847.545.0259 – jscaletta@vah.com
  • Trustee Tomas Schwingbeck (no phone number) tschwingbeck@vah.com
  • Trustee Jim Tinaglia – 847.253.0002 – jtinaglia@vah.com
  • Village Manager Randall Recklaus – 847.368.5100 – rrecklaus@vah.com

2. Attend the September 19th Village Board Meeting at 7:30 PM to support the Anti-Corporate Welfare Ordinance.

3. Share the Online Petition with your friends, and urge them to send a message to the village board.

4. Attend the Heartland Institute’s “Don’t Feed the Bears?” Debate on 9/28 in Arlington Heights

4. Circulate Phase 1 petitions. COMPLETE! With over 650 signatures submitted, it is clear that Arlington Heights residents are concerned over the curse of corporate welfare!

5. If you would like to volunteer, stay up to date, or have any questions/concerns please email Julian at JAguilar@afphq.org and we would be happy to get you plugged in!

This is a historical time for Arlington Heights and Illinois. Don’t miss your chance to make history by stopping corporate welfare and protecting the taxpayers by supporting the Anti-Corporate Welfare Ordinance.