Politico: AFP-Illinois launches the Prairie State Promise

In today’s Politico Playbook, authored by Shia Kapos, Americans for Prosperity’s Prairie State Promise project was mentioned. While we fight Illinois’ high taxes, we are much more than just an anti-tax group. Stay tuned for more information.

From Politico.

Americans For Prosperity, the anti-tax group connected to the Koch family, is launching a campaign in Illinois that opposes corruption, “corporate welfare” and government spending beyond its means while it supports safer communities and “educational empowerment.” The effort, called Prairie State Promise, plans events to rally support for its initiatives, according to a statement from Jason Heffley, the director of AFP in Illinois. “Politicians in this state have enacted countless laws fraught with reckless spending, high taxes, and self-serving policies, and we are seeing the consequences in the droves of families leaving Illinois,” Heffley says in the statement.”


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